The Spring Collection


Having based our genesis series off of a pack of children’s markers, largely as an experiment in the new and emerging space of non-fungible tokens, I wanted this next series to have an elevated sense of class and design.

The initial color featured in The Spring Collection, Deep Teal – No. 000011, is the favorite color of one of my dear friends and colleagues. It was the accent color at her wedding, and it was named Graham and Brown’s color of the year in 2019.

The subsequent colors: Deep Blue – No. 000013, Spring Mint – No. 000014, Spring Grey – No. 000015, and Daisy Yellow – No. 000016 were all picked from the stunning photo featured above captured by Margaruite via Pixabay after I happened upon the image while working on a separate project and recognized its likeness to Deep Teal – No. 000011.

In reality, the idea for collections came to me after minting the first color in the series, which explains the irregular number pattern as I had already minted a singleton Crypto Swatch called Gold Burst – No. 000012.

Despite the erratic way in which this collection came to be, I am happy with where it ended, and we hope it brings a little joy to your NFT collection. 

Stay tuned for more collections in the future!

Crypto Swatch - Deep Blue
Crypto Swatch - Deep Teal
Crypto Swatch - Spring Mint
Crypto Swatch - Spring Grey
Crypto Swatch - Daisy Yellow
Crypto Swatch - The Spring Collection

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